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Oklahoma Musician Matt Mason :Songs In The Wind: vol 1&2, Live In Chicago

Matt Mason has been making music throughout the midwest for many years as a guitarist,vocalist singer and songwriter. He co-founded the Tulsa based powerhouse trio Hurricane Mason and has played heavy rock alt country,blues and folk. The trio has released 3 albums of progressive alternative hard driving rootsy rocknroll but thats not all this working pro has up his sleeve.

"Ive always done solo shows just me and the guitar," he states. "It is a different mindset and different skills that make the solo thing a real challenge in a different way than playing with a band and it doesnt hurt when the bills come due either", he laughs

Mason has been paying dues since early teens starting out in Bartlesville OK playing teen nightclubs and school dances. Since then he's made noise at roughly 1500 shows in 14 states in one form or another as a sideman, solo artist or bandleader.

The last decade since releasing Hurricane Mason Five Alive has been wrought with shakeups breakups,makups, death and destruction...then theres the music industry changes as well...

"I did a little poll on Facebook asked people how many NEW cds or lps have they bought in the last year..the results were astounding! Overwhelmingly everyones doin it online nowdays! the huge cache of material Ive recorded in last 10 years since my last proper physical cd thats failed to see the light of day for one reason or another now has a new lease in life with the lower cost,wider distribution and quicker turn time than actually having produced a physical product.

Songs In The Wind is about me taking hold of own destiny. letting me as an artist have a more immediate,fruitful and direct relationship with the fan base Ive sold my life cultivating. Im real excited to play for people that have never heard me before and happy to be finding some good venues along the way and willing listeners of original music. Oklahoma is a great place to live and be from honing your chops. I'm excited to be out looking around for other places to share my music...The recent passing of my friend Chuck Blackwell (legendary architect drummer of Tulsa Sound fame) brought his advice ringin in my ears loudly once again...He told me about the struggles he and Leon (Russell) experienced early on and how important it is to have the mindset of being open to going where there is a bigger audience...after you've worked on and perfected having something to say rather than just having an attitude of having something to prove."

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Each show playlist comes from a repertoire of 6 hours of roots rock,country, blues and folk.

Well known songs and original musicĀ 

Notable Venues:

Westport Saloon KCMO

Knuckleheads KCMO

Record Bar KCMO

Buck's Bar And Grill NE

Barley Street Tavern NE

Luckenbach, TX

Gruene Hall TX

Adair's Saloon TX

Fred's Texas Cafe TX

Cain's Ballroom OK

Reggie's Chicago IL

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