From the recording Five Alive

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Live tandem arrangement of Against The Crooked Sky and Between The Night from the bands 2002 Cast Iron Constitution and 2005 It's Only Miles albums.


Many fail to realize how precious life can surely be one minute you're at the top of the mountain next you're at the bottom of the sea
how we fail to take advantage when time be on our side
id give up everything I own just to take it one more ride
If you don't live tomorrow son there won't be no more today look around turn around til it all just fades away
things we take for granted they just might up and fly leave you fightin' a losin battle against the crooked sky
There ain't no way of knowin when your last days gonna come when you climbed your last ladder 'bout to hit the final rung let's all hope for our sake that we're old and we're not young all the things that you wanted to say and your songs have all been sung