From the recording Songs in the Wind

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Matt Mason-vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Ted Russell Kamp-bass, bg vocals
Danny Timms-keys/organ
Chuck Blackwell-drums
Recorded at Musicican's Workshop Claremore OK by Les Moorman
Big Acre Sound
Copper Canyon TX
Produced engineered and recorded by Les Moorman, Ted Russell Kamp and Jefferey Saenz


I was on my first midnight run out of Atlanta
drivin 18 wheels of parcels to St. Paul somewhere just south of Chattanooga aint no one on the radio at all

all at once just comin from the darkness save for the light on my radio came a voice from somewhere in the distance singin a song I know I'd heard before

The airwaves start to sing as the diesel hums along as another lonely trucker sings his song
little did I know bout how the legend goes as the truck stop sinatra sang me home
Off n on for what seemed like forever just just south of the gateway to the west the hiway balladeer he kept on goin
as I headed north he faded from the set
straight up 55 I kept on rollin turned into dixie truckstop to take a rest
couldnt help it but my mind just kept on goin til I finally found someone there to ask

Over a pot of joe Frank from Boise ID spun the tale of this hiway balladeer
he snickered and he smiled bout this wonder in my eyes and the legend goin back least 20 year
so the story goes everybody out here knows bout this risin star that burned out way too fast
when his mama passed away he stepped down off that stage jumped into the truck aint never lookin back