From the recording Songs in the Wind

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Matt Mason-vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Recorded and mixed by Dusty Robinson
Dirty Rotten Music Studio Tulsa OK
additional mastering by Aaron Lowther


come on kids lets get in the car well drive out in the country to this run down bar so all of you can tell your daddy goodnight
he's prolly way up in some old pool game lit up talkin to some ol flame but he's your daddy and he loves you just the same
see i been tryin ta call there the last three hours by now hes prolly had 8 or 10 whiskey sours want you all to see what your daddy does to break free
im sick of the would and the could and the should lost deep in the woods just lookin for a little good news aint gonna happen today

there's holes in the roof and there's holes in the floor whay wont you daddy come home to us anymore

each nite the film at 11 makes me cringe it's weird in here hello there from the fringe 4x

christmas eve back in 79 everyone happy and everyone fine til the phone rang about an hour after the blizzard set in
rogers county sheriff told of the hitch how theyd just pulled daddys truk from the ditch quart o moonshine spittin gravel cross ol buttermilk sky
your older brother and me went down to the yard and there sat daddys smashed up impounded car we loaded up the christmas presents and saved the day

sorry i mistook this wishin well for an elevastor shaft gone straight to hell that your daddy tried to fill up with cheap champagne
right now all you kids are needin some shoes i been stuck here alone with these country blues if theres a dollar left of his paycheck ill be amazed