From the recording :Songs In The Wind: Vol II

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Recorded At
The Musician's Workshop Claremore, OK
Additional Recording at
Big Acre Sound Copper Canyon,TX
Matt Mason gtr/vocals
Ted Russell Kamp/bass
Danny Timms/keys and accordion
Chuck Blackwell/Drums


The wound is still tender but you can't hide the flesh burned thru by lessons of love and on death
wolves in sheep's clothing keep circlin' around and they cheer and they laugh as you fall to the ground
when they rush in oh to tear you apart no one can hear you screamin' way out there in the dark
Keep your eye on the prize boy
don't you be denied boy
stand up and shout here's to laughin out loud keep your eye on the prize
jealous and petty I feel em closin' in cheating at a game that no fool can win
last man standin' left holdin' the ball leaves a lifetime of anger slither down the hall
snakes hidin' in the grass got you on the run to where the earth meets the sky on the road to the sun
Slippin' and slidin' get up off the floor
get it together and blow off some doors beg steal or borrow get you some wings you can fly far away from theese terrible things
please don't hate me I tell you in peace is there anything I can do to win your belief..