From the recording :Songs In The Wind: Vol II

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Recorded At
The Musician's Workshop Claremore OK
Addt'l Rec at
Big Acre Sound Copper Canyon, TX
Matt Mason gtr/vocal
Ted Russell Kamp keys/lap steel/ebow


Aren't you tired of feelin' the little man adrift on this cesspool of life
aren't you sick of hearin' the riddles that keep you up in the darkness of the night

Still you're feedin" this killin' machine it's overweight and it's hungry and its burnin' pretty lean
with every pair of honest hands its found a servant so obscene
there ain't no derailin' this killin' machine
Now and again you feel like checkin' out of this cheap hotel that's known as your life
time after time you learn from understanding you got so much more to do before you fly