1. Sweet Euphoria

From the recording :Songs In The Wind: Vol II

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Recorded by Ace Eversole at
Hideaway Digital Broken Arrow, OK
Matt Mason gtr/vocal
Ace Eversole bass
Shawn Montgomery drums
Jay Lesikar keys


On and on and on this movie goes where it stops there ain't nobody who really knows
caught in the act of tryin to be yourself tortured by broken hopes when it all comes down to sink or swim would you please throw me a rope
Your mind grows dark the sky grows clouds and it rains in the end we're all just lookin' for somethin' to kill the pain
of a wasted life and loneliness feelin' beat down battered and broke you wake up screamin' in the middle of the night wishin' it's all a joke
Sweet euphoria my friend is hard to find
I've looked at it in my own head at least 10,000 times over a 1000 miles of highway in the whiskey in this bar you're addicted to the cold steel blades still you complain about the scar